Some things never change. Way back in the early 1970’s our name was Woodshaper, Inc and our first product was “toilet seats and covers” on zinc hinges for Philippine American Standard. Then its name changed to “water closet seats and covers”. From enamel painted wood, it became compressed wood, then plastics, to more sophisticated electronic controlled heated water pumps, and even some music to boot!



What never changed was the comfort design of that seat and back, because it still is the most comfortable seat in the house. Although our name has changed to Hospitality Furniture Group, to this day we manufacture our chairs with one rule – COMFORT and DURABILITY.


We made the plywood casing for the 1st color TV in the market, the very small Sony KV 12 casing. The smaller the product, the more technically difficult to manufacture with its critical accuracy requirement. Then there were the huge TV casings in living rooms, we did those too!



An HFG goal is to provide new designs to the hospitality trade
which are stylish yet functional. HFG utilizes modern equipment combined with traditional cultural crafting techniques to manufacture furniture. Pieces which are uniquely created according to and client’s custom designs and specific requirements or commissioned proprietary signature furnishings. Durable raw materials which are locally sourced from its own plantations with sustainable practices are utilized. With thanks to the design community, elegance has come to the seating and case goods we make for you.


Four decades of service to the hospitality trade, repeat customers have become friends more than customers. We look forward to your friendship as we have the pleasure to serve.


Welcome to Hospitality Furniture Group, here to manufacture line items or CUSTOM made, and always ready to SERVE YOU WELL.